I went to mumbai alone

  • I went to Mumbai alone by flight to visit Masi and my cousin brother Kanu. In the evening of Saturday, the 11th of June 2017 , we went to see the two major sites of Mumbai . I went with my brother, my aunt and my uncle. We went in local train.  It was very crowed. So crowed that there was no space to stand or sit. Only with the help of my aunt and my uncle I was able to get into the train. Our stop was the last one which was VT (Victoria Terminus ), when we reached at the station I was amazed to see such big fans and grandfather ‘s clock. When we went out I saw the beautiful  VT station. It’s very finely craved and there was a huge clock tower  on the top of the tower there was statue of Queen Victoria. There we clicked a lot of pictures. I got to know that VT is historical railway station. From there we went to GATEWAY OF INDIA .I came to know that it is called Gateway of India because the last troup of person of Britishers rulling India went from this gate. It was built in 20th century. It is built on the shore of the ARABIAN SEA . There I enjoyed a fairy ride . The boat ride shows you some part of  Arabain sea . We went up. First I was scared to climb the leader as I can fall into the sea but then I did it . I went from up the view was very  nice as we could see the street and because it was the time of sunet  it became more beautiful. After the fairy ride we went for dinner, we ate our dinner at bombay vintage the food was very tasty. I loved it . At the last we went to see the  Marine Drive .we reached there at 10:30 pm it was very crowed it didn’t look like it was 10:30 pm it looked like it was 6:00 in the evening.  I got to know that it is also  called as Queen ‘s necklaces as at night the streets and the street light looks like  Queen ‘s necklaces. We sat there for 1 hour at then we went back to  home .                          


What is happiness?  

I ask myself ,

I ask my parents ,

I ask my teacher ,

I ask my friends,

Now I ask you ,

When I ask my mom,

I find the answer ,

Happiness is 

When I see her happy

When I am happy she is happy

Happiness is I am

Happiness is within me . “Rakshita”


After my exams feeling like flying, new session , new class and new me .. I was trying new attires and apparels.

All of a sudden I feel like I am growing.

Trying hats and shades in the shades of mood 🙂 

James and ruby

There were two siblings James and Ruby , they were trying to earn their lives as theyou lost their parents in an accident . Life was difficult for them but they were trying hard. In search of work James reached a bakery and found work where the owner of the bakery was very rude. He used to make him work more and pay less, one day James saw a cart full of food items in the near by shop , He investigated and came to know that the goods were going to the King’s kitchen . 

James made a plan and baked some cookies and cup cakes next day and gave to the Cartier to include his goodies in the collection as well and waited. As James learned to make amazing goodies, so he just he knew King will love his items.

On the other side when the next day when the breakfast was served  King tasted the food and enjoyed every bite of the cakes and cookies , King wondered  he never had such tasty cookies in his life, when He asked the chef why didn’t he prepared such tasty food earlier ? Chef told him that these were made by a local baker and not him . King asked his men to find the boy and bring him as he wI’ll reward the baker. The Cartier who brought those cookies was sent to bring James and when James was informed he was very very happy. 

Next morning James went to the Courtroom , when King saw James was just a little boy he was astonished and asked him why was he working and not studying?  

James told the King all his story and said I have a young sister whom I have to look after . King was sad to hear all and he offered James to come to shift to his fortune long with her sister and start their studies.

Now James was happy. He and his sister happily started living in the King’s palace and work in the free time after completing their studies. 

Moral : Kindness and hard work never fails. “I write my mom edits”

A helpful boy 

There lived a boy named Akshay. He was very poor and needy .One day when he was passing by he saw a wallet lying on the ground so he picked it.In the wallet there was 10,000 rupee  and a card in which the address of the owner was  written so he went to his house to return him the wallet and seeing this the man was very pleased. The owner told him that if would have kept it you would have had 10,000/- to spent and by looking at your appearance one can easily make out that you are in need of money.Akshay told that I certainly need money but my grandparent always said that only the money earned out of honesty makes you grow and rest does more bad than good to you. The man so impressed  that he not only gave his reward but also offered him a job. Now Akshay was neither poor nor needy and lived happily ever after. 

  • I write mom checks, I post you support . By Rakshita. 


EXmas are scary , just before the exams I feel I know nothing .

As Modiji said in his Man Ki Bat , we should not scare and not treat it as pressure . what to do it automatically comes.

Just a few instructions which my mom gives me, I would like to share it with you all to help my friends who are appearing for the exams .

  • Just make notes with important lines just before the day of exam.
  • Sleep early that night, sleep is the best remedy to fear.
  • Next morning get up early and eat well ; full appetite will help in concentration 
  • Revise the lines wrote the last day, just a thorough revision.
  • Take a break before going , take blessings of elders , we do pranam 
  • Pray to God before you leave , it gives you strength .
  • and last but not the least hug mom and rush to school.
  • Don’t forget to take extra pen along , smooth and free flowing. 

Wish you all the best for the exams friends.  Rakshita Sharma 

Shy Girl -2

Here I am back with the second part of the story ,I apologise for the delay as my exams are going on .

Continued .. 

After the past incidence now Ria’s class mates started communicating with Ria and she started staying happy .

Ria was very studious and hardworking,  she scored good marks in all the subjects and she became Teacher’s pet soon , so few girls were jealous of her getting attention from the teachers. They planned of putting Ria in trouble ,and hid one of the students craft stuff in Ria’s bag and one of them (Shaily)complained to the class teacher about the things lost, actually they said things have been stolen.

Teacher asked everybody to get the bags checked and the stolen things were found from Ria’s bag. She was shocked to see those things and cried a lot, telling the teacher that she has not done it .No one listened to her and now once again she was alone and sad .

Days passed ,one day Ria was sitting on the window seat and class was going on suddenly she saw a little girl falling from the swing in the school playground visible from that window. 

Ria saw she was bleeding from her nose, without wasting a minute even not in taking permission from the teacher she ran in the middle of the class. Teacher shouted and kept calling her name but she ran and ran ..

She reached the play ground and picked up the little girl as she remembered in the last class about the quick first aid she put the little girl’s head down and on a support and brought water from the fountain and started flowing it on her head, bleeding now stopped .

By that time the teacher from the class also reached there and her anger vanished and everybody praised her for her smartness .

Little girl’s parents were informed and her elder sister was called from the class, She was Shaily ‘s younger sister , When Shaily came to know about the incidence , she was crying and feeling guilty of her deeds . Now she told all to the teacher and Ria about the act she did with Ria that day . Ria forgiven her and asked teacher not to punish. 

Ria was an example for everyone and now everybody’s favourite,  including Shaily .

Moral : Kindness can win everyone’s heart. 

*I write mom checks , I post you support 🙂 Rakshita 

A shy girl 

Part 1

Today I am going to share a story of a shy girl who was a late admission in our school.She was shy and reserved not much talkative due to this she could’nt make many friends .Nobody used to be her friend though she was always smiling. 

One day a girl  named nisha missed her bus and  trying  to catch an auto but could’nt find any conveyance to reach school and the girl Ria I told you above who was very shy , just stoped her car and helped her getting along in her car .

Nisha was pleased by her help and not reaching school late .while getting down Nisha thanked Ria and told everyone about her help.everyone started talking to her a little after this incidence.



Mathematics is magic and is my favourite subject .. Sometimes it amuses me how come

 2×2 =4



+×=% signs like these used to scare me till last year but now  it is my favourite subject. I am not scared any more  ..

Now I love to live in the circle of Maths with the support of the cube of my Maths teacher who is my class teacher as well My very own Mrs. Ritu Kullar mam . 

Last week we had our Assembly where we had to perform as a team , it was a play directed  by our classteacher mam and the topic was Maths .

I was the Maths book and  performed the sorrow of the book,  that no body like it as a subject any more . Later the Queen of books solves the problem . 

  1. We as a class are never together as a team 
  2. We are always fighting like 22 and never work as 2+2
  3. We are the complaint box always , always ready to fight and complaint to the teacher 

Strange is for more then two months we kept this Mathematics topic as a secret and till the date came for the performance none of us fought nor anyone let know anybody what is going on .

We practiced in the class and it was fun. 

My mother says Ritu mam was teaching us team spirit and a sense of responsibility. Yes she said true when our Principal Mam stood up for us and gave us two sets of STS clappings our eyes were lighting it was fun and now I love Maths more and more . 

*I write mom checks , I post you support 🙂 Rakshita